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April 7th, 2010

alaric: Front view of Caer Llewys (House)
Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 06:03 pm

Or it will be, once it grows in.  We just seeded the entire front and side yard, which have been bare earth since the massive reconstruction project last fall, with this grass mix.  It grows well anywhere from full sun to deep shade, including in heavily acidic soils under trees, doesn't need watering once established, doesn't need mowing if you don't care about having a putting-green lawn, and is non-invasive but resists invasion from weeds.

It's not as simple as just seeding, of course.  We had to rake the entire area to a depth of a couple of inches first to loosen up the soil (which had compacted somewhat over the winter), then seed after figuring out how to get an estimated about 15 seeds per square inch out of the rotary spreader, then rake again lightly just to scuff the seeds under.  We get to water for the first two weeks, enough each day to wet the ground about a half inch deep, then it's on its own unless there's any thin patches we need to reseed. I only used one of the two 5lb bags of seed we bought, so if we don't need to reseed anything, then we have enough seed left to reseed the entire back lawn too (but it'd have to be rototilled first).