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Monday, March 22nd, 2010 04:39 pm

I just realized I posted the last three or four entries from my "personal" account on Dreamwidth, [personal profile] alaric, rather than my discussion/opinion account, [personal profile] unixronin.  Ah, well.  A bit late to worry about it now.

Last year I'd started a daily exercise regimen with hand weights.  Pretty much all upper-body stuff, obviously.  Forearm curls, wrist rolls, wrist snaps, two different kinds of shoulder swings, two other exercises whose name I don't know, inward/outward/upward/downward blocks, and speed punches.  I got up to the point where I was doing a hundred speed punches and fifty reps on basically everything else, sometimes doing two sets a day, all with 3lb hand weights.

Then we discovered major hidden water damage in the house, and I spent several weeks lending a hand to the contractors whenever they could use one, and then winter came, by which time the routine had gotten broken, and I just never got around to getting back to it over the winter.  I find being continually cold somewhat counter-inducive to exercise.

Well, after meaning for the past several weeks to do so, I just picked up where I left off.  With interest.  Fifty reps on most of the exercises, as before.  A hundred inward/outward blocks.  Two hundred speed punches.  (I'll freely admit the last three or four were a bit ragged.)

I can feel it in my upper back already.  I may very well regret this by tomorrow.  But it's good to know I haven't lost any appreciable upper-body tone or aerobic fitness over the winter.